Saturday, January 29, 2011

Prada S/S11

Since this is turning into a freaking fashion blog anyways... 
If only I had a reason to wear something like this!!! 
Ratatat + Prada = :)
HELLOOOOO Spring! (I can dream.)

matteo linguiti

Yumi Nakata


Jamie Livingston

Jamie Livingston (October 25, 1956 - October 25, 1997) was a New York-based photographer, film-maker and circus performer. Between March 31, 1979 and October 25, 1997, the day of his death, he took a single picture nearly every day with a Polaroid camera. 
Livingston's 'Polaroid a Day' photographic diary started at Bard College and though some photos have gone missing from the collection, 6,697 Polaroids remain. The collection, dated in sequence, has been organized by his friends Hugh Crawford and Betsy Reid into an exhibit at the Bertelsmann Campus Center at Bard College called "Photo of the Day", which opened in 2007.
found the 'roids archived here

Boxing Kitten

African-American Studies major turned fashion designer. I am so in love with the patterns and colors! The designs are also so unique. Perfect outfits for Spring and Summer. Can't wait for festival season...
Article is from Bust Magazine.

Tom Edwards


Friday, January 28, 2011


I've already posted about them a long time ago, but I just downloaded Grey Oceans from last May. So beautiful, I love their lyrics! 
"ate ice cream in a desert dream" 
"A hopscotch tear drop ready to drop"

kia neil


Waste Land

I am posting WAY too much in 2011! ahhh. I'm buying tickets today so I can see this next week! Looks amazing, and I love love love Vic Muniz. Especially his peanut butter and jelly Mona Lisa!

Guy Bourdin


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vali Myers

inspiration to artists like Diane Arbus, Marianne Faithful, Devendra Banhart.

Vali Myers Diary Dedication 1973:
Dedicated to all the golden bees and foxies of this world, to the four winds and seven seas -Written by a little wallaby who was told by her mother to catch all her tears in a matchbox and they would turn to jewels...


EL GUINCHO | Bombay from MGdM | Marc Gómez del Moral on Vimeo.

Colour Research