Monday, April 18, 2011

Out Of Place

Totally saw this at the "Ohio Premier" a couple of weeks ago. It was awesome, since I paid $6 bucks and got a free beer, free food, and watched a documentary about surfing with the crew who made it. I really resonated with the "Out of Place" thing, you know, being in Ohio although I grew up in Hawaii and sunny California. I'm so ready to get going, and I'm glad I am. Although the movie was interesting, I wouldn't say it was inspiring. By the end of the film I just felt better about myself for being about to "be moving on" and doing what it is I want to do where I want to do it, instead of complaining and staying somewhat stagnant. Don't get me wrong, the dudes in the film are definitely doing things, but they are complacent, and complain about it a lot.

Reminds me of a Thought Catalogue article I also recently read called "Things You Shouldn't Care About". (Here.) Where it said this:
Kind of like, if you're a surfer, move somewhere with a beach instead of a lake. Presto. Fixed. Bye.

(Pretty stoked to buy a Surf Ohio tee and a HOMAGE Ohio State tee, and peace the f out.)

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