Sunday, May 15, 2011


Obviously my pros out weigh my cons. That's why I'm moving. I could probably make a list of things I will never ever ever miss, but here are the things I will missssssss:

1. legal fireworks
2. being grimy, being midwestern
3. Aldi
4. Drive Thru liquor stores
5. Gabriel Brother's/Filene's Basement
6. Bodegaaa - Dill Thrills
7. summer in general
8. Jeni's ice cream
9. old buildings, houses, and porches
10. Zoombezi Bay, the zoo, the conservatory, Comfest, 4th of July
11. boating
12. Short North
13. Dirty Franks, Tip Top, Betty's, Surly Girl, Barrel 44.

I'm kind of relieved I found a Diary Queen near by where I'm moving.

I'm really just going to miss the memories.

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