Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rustic Pendleton Dream Bathroom

So I still have my Hello Kitty bathroom, but in a different apartment. It's actually better than it was at first, in that I have all my Hello Kitty little collectibles and cosmetics on a shelf over the toilet with candles and pretty pink bathroom spray. Though, my shower has doors now, so I can't use my cute curtain. :( OH but I did add baby blue polka dot towels to the original Hello Kitty ones.

Anyways, my Hello Kitty b-room is still looking cute, and I know I'll have it for awhile longer, BUT I don't want to NOT buy these Pendleton towels! (Hopefully they don't go out of production soon, I don't really have extra money for towels laying around.) I think they are beach towels, but I think they would look AMAZING in a rustic/beachy bathroom! After all my house for the most part is rustic/beachy, now that I live with my dude!

These are my inspirations and ideas for a new look. Obviously I would get the pink/yellow towel.
Sometimes I get so ahead of myself, and want to be decorating a full fledged home even though I'm totally not ready to have my own home, or really stay put in one city yet!
oh ya, it wouldn't be complete without these gem stone soaps!
amethyst soap rocks:

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