Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tegan Moore

"Flotsam GIF Shop" by Tegan Moore at Struts Gallery.

Flotsam GIF Shop was a project that took place between July 4 and July 20th 2012 with the support of Faucet Media Arts Centre and Struts Artist Run Centre in Sackville, New Brunswick.
For the duration of this two-week long residency, Flotsam GIF Shop was open to the public during regular hours during which visitors could browse a display of found sea flotsam and man-made detritus collected from road-side shores and beaches. Those who were willing or curious could choose to move the material around on a light table in front of a camera resulting in stop motion animated GIF's. The collection of moving images ranging in complexity and character, were displayed together on a monitor in the gallery , and online.

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