Thursday, May 15, 2014


I recently hung out with some old distant high school friends. Usually that's something I don't like and I stay away very far from, but I really enjoyed it. Everyone was engaged in really interesting things, like farming, copywriting in LA, playing music in a band, traveling the world, and moving to a new big city up north. One of our friends is in this Bath's video Lovely Bloodflow (the main character). What an amazing video! I already loved aminals by Baths, but hadn't listened to much more. I guess Baths is in a similar school (group of thought) to someone (a DJ of sorts) my coworker follows from LA. He was telling me about the offbeat clicking and clapping of found sounds, like pens they use. Anyways it was refreshing to be around different and new ideas. I constantly surround myself with the same people, and sometimes just based on proximity I forget so much more exists! I'm obsessed with Rain Smell right now, it's so sad and beautiful. I think sometimes the sad and beautiful songs just remind me of the human experience that we are all apart of. Reminds me of a quote I read recently that went something like, "Only when one experiences true sadness can he feel happiness in its true meaning" ..let your heart be broken into a million pieces. Sadness has the power to introduce a crack into our reality...and cracks ... are how the light gets in. I paraphrased from a few quotes at the end there, but I really feel like I've experienced a truly broken heart, and I don't really know if you recover or if you just survive and you're just better and more beautiful for it. To have loved. I want to love again.

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