Thursday, March 1, 2012

Celeb Roomies

The blog One Fine Day posed the question,  
"If you could choose any celebrity as a roommate, who would it be?"

What a fun question! I've gone on to ask my friends, and my co-workers. The answer can really tell you a lot about someone! 

My bestfriend: Mila Kunis

Aaaaand I picked Anna Faris, totally based on her personality on the big screen. I obviously have no idea what she's like in real life. Aaaaalthough she is married to Chris Pratt, who is on Parks & Rec, which is MY FAVORITE SHOW EVER, so she must be pretty cool in real life. Also I couldn't roomie with her and her husband, so this is hypothetically the "single" Anna Faris from basically all of her films. I pretty much just imagine us laughing at everything. Leading our own lives, but still hanging out on random week nights or weekend days. Below is what our lives would look like. hahahah. 

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