Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thomas Hauser

“At first glance, it seems to Thomas Hauser’s series AMAZONA very clearly act to an interpretation of the still life genre. Lush floral arrangements are displayed with great care in all its beauty and immortalized, as you might find it too similar to an old Dutch paintings. On closer examination, however, the viewer is a strange uneasiness. Flowers – always a symbol of a timeless memento mori – find themselves trapped here in containers of the industrial age, such as beer bottles and plastic cups. These objects can be clearly, that one has to do with contemporary genre scenes and that this genre can grow as part of their own real life new meaning. While modern photographers like Edward Weston to bring the natural elegance of a bell pepper to the phenomenon, can be found in Thomas Hauser’s work aspects, can think on issues like environmental protection or commercialization. His works can be different interpretations: while the one on your own mortality, it would be on the other hand quite possible that the material goods that brings Western capitalism and define it for centuries will outlast us…” – text translated by Google.

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